Does Google like your AI-Generated website and SEO spam content?

How can your small business website survive on google, the most influential search engine?

We bet you have seen numerous advertisements on how to save thousands of dollars using AI-generated content.

Or they might ask you to sit back and relax while the AI content generator does all the work.

AI-generated Web and SEO marketing content not only lacks the human touch but also is against Google's Webmaster Guidelines.
On April Fools' Day, the 1st of April, Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst, well known as Google's John Mueller, referred to AI-generated content as "spam". It was not a joke, but it shocked many content writers, SEO marketers, and many web developers to come to a happy realisation of why their websites are not ranking on google or their ranking has dropped.
Even though AI-generated content technology has significantly advanced, Google's Webmaster Guidelines state automatically generated content should be avoided in web content. Auto-generated content has long been part of the guidelines as something to avoid.

AI-generated content is a widespread controversy on social media among web developers, content writers and SEO specialists these days.

What is AI content generation or automatically generated content?

Self-explanatory, AI content generation purely means content generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Web content created by artificial intelligence dives into the automatically generated content classification. It's viewed as plagiarism or duplication, whereby words are reformatted or translated to develop a new innovative-looking version.
automatically generated content
Since the introduction of the world's first copyright act in 1710, there have been many changes to copyright law to keep velocity with the transition in media and technology, from the printing press to today's digital media.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the product of machines to complete tasks that are usually performed by humans. AI also includes machine learning which instructs a device on how to act like a human. AI technology has already been used for many years for various tasks, but not for content writing until recently, as it was not dependable and trustworthy to produce high-performing content. But in recent history, AI content generators have used existing content to write new creative content, saving work hours.
Among the various tools that many SEO marketers and content writers use to boost web traffic, automatically written content is at the fore and has become the main culprit today. Despite the warnings, many content writers still use AI technology, wondering whether Google can comprehend the difference.

Can Google distinguish between AI-Generated content and human-generated content?

John Mueller did not comment on whether Google can differentiate between content written by human authors or AI. However, Google can distinguish between high quality, poor quality, and spam content and favours the concept of originality. Your content must result from the writer's accessible and creative choices and exhibit a personal touch.

Google's webspam unit will permit action if they detect AI-generated content. You could get penalised, resulting in a drop in rankings and loss of organic traffic.

Risks of using AI-generated content

As a responsible web design and SEO company, we want to raise awareness of the risks of using AI-generated content. Firstly, Google's Webmaster Guidelines believe it automatically generated content, making it a considerable risk. Getting caution alerts and manual penalties from Google's webspam unit can be detrimental to small businesses due to reduced web traffic. There is also the effect of endeavouring to revamp your website, brand prestige and ranking after this occurs.

Secondly, AI-generated content is seen in the light of duplicate content. Google will penalise duplication of original content and never rank it higher than the original. Less risk and higher reward result from creating your original content. This reward is of higher quality which Google prefers, as well as your website visitors.
Even if your content is AI-generated, don't stress. The quality of automatically-generated content depends on how you utilise it. There is less probability of Google's webspam team detecting it if you put additional effort into its creation and personalisation, although using it will be against Webmaster Guidelines.

AI can help perform keyword studies, recommend on-trend topics, and indicate blog post ideas based on competitors' top-performing content or website copy.

Is Googles AI stand an ironic perspective?

Google itself is considered an AI-first firm and uses hundreds of machine education models in various developments and products. So one can wonder why they treat content writing differently. Well, this is not ironic because it is Google's interpretation of the rigorous quality of content.
With these guidelines, it is clear that Google is keen on consistently recognising and rewarding hard work and high-quality content.

Why do we still need humans to write?

AI-generated content is said to be human-like content, but not human.

What makes a human different from a machine is the mind and emotions. AI can generate content but can't generate thoughts or feelings and is limited to a specific collection of subjects and topics. AI is incompetent at developing content for complex issues, stories or narratives. Therefore, the content definitely needs the human touch.

A machine doesn't know the mindset of our audience better than we do, regardless of how smart said device might be. AI is indeed good in keyword research and keeping track of customer data.

Therefore our human content writers are irreplaceable due to their experience, knowledge, and, most notably, the emotions where they can connect better with customers than AI.

At TD Interactives, we care.

All our content writers and SEO specialists are humans, not machines. So we guarantee original, plagiarism-free and human-written crafty content for your website or blogs.

If you are a small business Melbourne that has paid the detriment of using AI-generated content, do not hesitate to contact us for a website revamp and humanise your content by booking a 45min free consultation.  

Will you still risk the future of your small business in Melbourne by counting on AI-generated content? 

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