Four reasons why website content is important for a small business

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Information is king

Your content can not only inform your customers, but can also educate search engines about your website. Take a moment to look at your website's ranking when you search for keywords related to your business. You should optimize your website so that search engines will understand what is on your site and provide information about the product or service you provide.

 When users visit your site via the keywords they searched for, they are probably looking for a product, a service, or information. By providing details about these through strong content, you not only build trust in your brand, but also retain visitors and increase conversions.

The digital world is constantly changing, making it very difficult for small businesses to stand out. According to current trends, most people are visiting websites using their smartphones rather than computers.

Due to the high amount of scrolling taking place, website length has increased rather than being littered with lots of links.

Many small businesses want a website that is modern, minimalistic, and sleek with a lot of visual elements. Even though this makes for an attractive website, it can have detrimental effects on your search engine rankings. It doesn't always matter how stunning the site is if people don't see it. Your website must be able to explain itself to the search engines in order to show up in search results. Content creation is one of the main ways to rank your website high in search results for your industry.

But remember that creating content is also about providing your customers and website visitors with valuable information. A well-written piece of content can even convert visitors into customers.

Links, links, links!

Content creation provides a great opportunity for internal linking. An internal link is text within the content that is hyperlinked to another page on your website. You can cross promote your products or services using this strategy. Internal links help search engines to index the contents of a website. Search engines may be able to index and understand your website pages faster if there are internal links in your content.

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Keywords are the key

When creating website content for your small business it should always reflect your keyword strategy. It is important to identify the keywords that you would like to be found for online, as well as the terms that describe your products and services. For example, this blog is about “why website content is so important to small businesses” so throughout this post I have given several tips surrounding this while using relevant keywords and search terms that people would be typing into Google. As a result, search engines are taught how to connect the keywords you want to rank for on the home page of your website. The goal is to reach the first page of Google.

Create a call to action

A call to action is an invitation to users visiting your website to take action on that page. An example would be a "contact us" button, "request a quote," "add to cart" or downloading a PDF. Including calls to action throughout your content is an effective way to increase conversions on your website.

We often say that content is king in this industry. As well as improving search engine rankings, bringing quality traffic to your website, and increasing conversions, content can also build trust, a reputation, and convert customers into fans.

If you would like to learn more about creating website content for small businesses, reach out to our web design team at our Melbourne office.

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